the word "sushi"...


doesn’t refer to fish at all – it refers to rice that has been seasoned with vinegar, sugar and salt.


SUSHI à la carte


Fish Slices Over Rice 2 pieces*

lil wasabi
Amaebi (sweet shrimp with head) $7.50
Avacado $4.00
Ebi (shrimp) $5.00
Escolar* (aka white tuna) $5.75
Hamachi* (yellow tail) $5.75
Hokigai (surf clam) $5.00
Inari (fried tofu) $3.75
Kani (imitation crab meat) $5.00
Maguro* (tuna) $5.15
Negi Himachi* (yellowtail and scallion) $6.00
Negi Maguro* (tuna with scallion) $5.50
Saba* (mackeral - previously frozen) $4.50
Sake* (salmon) $5.15
Smoked Sake* (smoked salmon) $5.15
Tako (octopus) $5.75
Tai* (tilapia) $5.25
Tamago (egg omelet) $4.10
Unagi (eel) $6.50
Ikura Sushi* (salmon roe) $6.15
Uni Sushi* (sea urchin) MP
Tobiko Sushi* (flying fish roe) $5.50
Wasabi Tobiko Sushi* (green flying fish roe). $5.75
Black Tobiko Sushi* (black flying fish roe) $5.75
Red Tobiko Sushi* (red flying fish roe) $5.75
Rainbow Tobiko Sushi* (3 colors above) $6.75
Lotus Blossom* $14.00 yellowtail, salmon, spicy tuna and flying fish roe - 5 pc
Spicy Tuna Sushi* $5.75
Spicy Sake Sushi* $5.50
Spicy Yellow Tail Sushi* $6.00
Spicy Octopus Sushi $6.50
Spicy Sake Sashimi* (spicy salmon) $6.00

Changes may result in additional charges.




Ultimate Includes Miso Soup and House Salad

Boat For Two* Regular $45.00 Ultimate $47.00

A combination of maki, sushi, and sashimi served in an Ichi Ban boat

Sushi Deluxe* Regular $18.00 Ultimate $20.00

Four pieces of California maki, six pieces of sake (salmon) maki, six pieces of chef’s choice sushi

Sashimi Deluxe* Regular $18.00 Ultimate $20.00

Chef’s choice of raw fish variety served with steamed rice

Chirashi Sushi* Regular $18.00 Ultimate $20.00

Raw fish variety (chef’s choice) served over sushi rice with wasabi

Emperor’s Deluxe* Regular $18.00 Ultimate $20.00

A combination of both sushi and sashimi (chef’s choice) with steamed rice.

Mega Maki Combo* Regular $17.00 Ultimate $19.00

One California roll, one kappa (cucumber) roll, 3 pieces of unagi (eel) roll and four pieces of futo maki

Unagi Don Regular $18.00 Ultimate $20.00

Sliced grilled eel with chef’s special sauce, served over steamed rice




Fun Cone Shaped Seaweed Rolls

Spicy Maguro* (tuna) $7.50
Spicy Hamachi* (yellow tail) $7.50
Spicy Sake* (salmon) $7.50
Spicy Tako (octopus) $7.75
Unagi (eel and avocado with unagi sauce) $8.50

*Items may be served raw or undercooked. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.